We all know that Yahoo is one of the best mail services one could ever have. And for sure the users of Yahoo have proved it that it is the best. Well but if you are in need of some solution as you have found some unusual activity in your Yahoo account then this is definitely a major issue that you should get it resolved right away before the situation becomes more serious and this could be a threat to your account.

So to get all such issues resolved instantaneously as we have a team of specialists available 24×7 at Yahoo Support Australia. And they are skilled to give to the best guidance and fix up the issues in a moment. Your part played here is to only follow the setup rules as guided.

Steps for accessing your Yahoo accounts recent activity using a desktop or mobile browser:

  • You would have to first go to sign in to your account and visit the recent activity page.
  • Then you need to go and give a tap on the ‘Menu’ bar which will be seen on the displayed screen. If in case you are using the Yahoo Mail app then you would have to go to tap on the ‘Manage Accounts’ option.
  • Now you’ve got to click on the ‘Account Info and right after that give a click on the ‘Recent Activity’ tab.

To be able to ‘Review’ the entries and to remove any suspicious activity if found then;

Note: Whenever you come across any activity that you feel suspicious about you can immediately ‘Sign-out or Remove’ and at that instant you got to change your account password.

  • The first thing you got to do is go to ‘Recent Activity and you will see the devices and the browsers that have signed in to your account recently, you just have to select anyone from the list to be able to view the IP addresses of each to check that there are no suspicious threats.
  • Then you would also be required to check on the apps that are connected to your Yahoo account and see that there are only those apps that you have allowed having access to your personal details.
  • Last of you will need to check on the last 3 password changes that you had made.

There you are good to go now! You have successfully finished the given steps. In case you tend to face any errors or other issues you have related then without a second though contact the experts at Yahoo Customer Support Australia and have the problem fixed up at that instant and have your account secured.